Adri Davidek Yoga Pose

Adri Davidek

"Adri is passionate about her work and helping others. She is extremely thorough and helps you along the way no matter what level of fitness you’re in. Her compassion and calming energy helped me feel comfortable. I felt great and stress free. Definitely recommend!!!" - Norma

I'm Adri and I'm the founder of Rouse Yoga. My journey started about 5 years ago when I was first introduced to yoga by my brother. It didn't take long for yoga to be an integral and important part of my life.

I come from an athletic background where I competed in cross country and track & field in college. So needless to say, when I started yoga was it just another form of competition and exercise for me. But as I started to journey deeper into my practice, I realized that this was the passion and depth in my life that I was missing. This soon led to getting my yoga certification and then into founding Rouse Yoga.

My teaching passions and style stem from my desire to cultivate classes that help us understand ourselves at a deeper level. I strive to create a space where we can set our foundations in yoga and mediation, and truly discover everything that makes us who we are. I am honored to be your instructor and cannot wait to have you in my classes. Much love to you all!

Education: BA Kinesiology, MS Kinesiology and 200RYT