Carla Henson Yoga Pose

Carla Henson

“There are two things I look forward to whenever I take a class from Carla, creativity and calmness. There is always something new to learn in her classes. Regardless of what style she teaches I always feel calm, grounded and ready to face the rest of my day feeling more balanced. I would definitely recommend taking a class from her! " - Jonah

Carla Henson holds a huge passion for sharing her love of yoga, which has helped guide her and others on a path towards self-acceptance and a balanced life-style.

With her Bachelors in Dance from Cal State Fullerton University, she has been teaching movement as a form of healing for over ten years. She received her first certification in 2006 for Ashtanga Yoga and Hatha Yoga in 2014.

Carla believes each yoga practice should be catered to her students and meet their necessary needs, in order to bring about healing through a calm and steady mind.

In her class she likes to incorporate the Yoga Sutras which is the ancient text on Yoga and how it can help us reach sustained joy. Each class is intended for you to deepen your Yoga practice both on and off the mat.