Chantielle Harris Yoga Pose

Chantielle Harris

"Chantielle was the one who introduced me to yoga. Her fun personality and warm spirit immediately made me feel comfortable. She has a gift of teaching a class that makes a beginner comfortable and challenges them to reach the next level. She not only builds your skills but also builds your confidence." -Jennifer

Chantielle fell in love with creative movement at a very young age. She was always a free spirit and this was shown through her dancing at the young of 4. Her love for dance developed into her teaching dance to others at the early age of 16.

In 2014 after her second pregnancy she discovered yoga. Due to severe medical issues with carrying her children, her midwife prescribed prenatal yoga and a specific meal plan to help keep her preeclampsia from worsening. Throughout her pregnancy she continued to do yoga and realized that this new found love and passion kept her practicing yoga even after delivering her child.

With her own personal experience with yoga, her 200 hour yoga teacher training and her bachelor's degree in nutrition science she has been successfully helping others learn yoga, nutrition, self love and stress management since 2016.