Endrina Salas Yoga Pose

Endrina Salas

"Thank you for your class, I love how you started it. I didn't know I needed those affirmations, I was looking for peace and self-love and I found it. I really needed that time for myself." - Jenny

Hello, my name is Endrina. I was born and raised in Venezuela. I am a human being wanting to experience all the wonders of this planet. I have had to go within myself, see all my darkness, and replace the bad that was weighing on me with new and empowered ways of thinking. I am still learning from this process called life.

I share what serves me and what inspires me. I am a passionate student of Neuroscience, Neuroplasticity, epigenetics, quantum field, and everything that has to do with the power of our brain and internal dialogue. I absolutely believe that we have the power to change our outer world, but first, we have to change our inner world.

Yoga, meditation, and writing are wonderful tools to reconnect our heart-mind-body relationship. What I love to emphasize in every class that I lead is the use of affirmations, alignment of charkas, controlled breathing exercises, and meditation.

I have led yoga classes for children and adolescents. I enjoy helping them connect with themselves. This allows me to see them relax and enjoy their process within that quality hour. They are away from technology, outside noise, and engaged in seeing their internal world, this makes me very happy.