Lara Fox Yoga Pose

Lara Fox

" I love her and everything she stands for! She is gentle, warm, kind and loves to help! If you have stress, anxiety, or depression you need to take her classes." -Lubria

Hi! I'm Lara Fox and I teach yoga for mental illness. I personally have struggled with mental illness throughout my life, having been in therapy and on medication for years. At times I feel that it helped, but there was still something missing... joy. I was able to maintain and slog through my days, but I wasn't ever complete.

Growing up yoga was always a comfort to me when I was young, my mom taught me various yoga poses to practice at home. It wasn't until later on, hitting my lowest point a few years ago, I suddenly knew that yoga was and always has been the way out. With the physical exercise, the meditation, the breathing, and the life philosophy, it gave me my identity back. Through the combination of the yoga values of kindness and compassion to the self and the kindness of others, I was given my joy.

On my journey to wellness I naturally incorporated the things I had learned in therapy and my years of studying my own conditions into my yoga routine; it was there that something new was born, a half scientific-half spiritual medicine for the body and the mind.

It's the greatest pleasure and honor in my life to help others to feel what I now feel. I'm proud of myself, for the first time in a long time. And you know what? I'm already proud of you too, no matter where you are in your life you are worthy of health and happiness.